Karst Pearls of the West Rhodopes in Bulgaria


The trip will be by bus. The route covers the most interesting regions of Rhodopean marbles. Besides the natural phenomena, participants will see a variety of historical and cultural sites, as well as national traditions typical for the respective regions.
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27 September 2015 (Sunday): Sofia (8:30) Pazardzik Snejanka cave Rakitovo Lepenitsa cave Rakivo camping site Tsigov chark (overnight).

28 September 2015 (Monday): Tsigov chark (8:30) Dospat Borino eco-path Dyavolski most (Delils bridge) Buynovo gorge with the Yagodinska cave Trigrad gourge Trigrad (overnight).

29 September 2015 (Tuesday): Trigrad (8:30) Dyavolsko garlo (Devils throught) cave Shiroka laka Smolanski ezera (lakes) Smolyan Smilyan Ukhlovitsa cave Arda (overnight).

30 September 2015 (Wednesday): Arda (8:30) Smilyan Chepelare (Museum of Rhodopy karst) Assenov fortress Plovdv Sofia (about 18:00).


The schedule will be published on 1 September 2015.


180 (in rooms for two)
200 (in single rooms)
The Excursion price has been calculated for a group of minimum 20 people.

The price includes:

The program includes visit to 5 karst caves and many other interesting historical, architectural and natural sites. Some additional sites and caves have been envisaged to be offered to the exclusion members and not included into the tour package.

Payment for the excusion: