International scientific and practical forum


Protected Karst Territories Lifelong Learning

In 2015 Bulgaria and the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (NIGGG-BAS) hosted for the third time an International Scientific and Practical Forum about protected karst territories (ProKARSTerra2015). The previous two forums discussed various scientific-methodological and practical issues, related to karst research namely:

The Forum , organized again by the Experimental Laboratory of Karstology f NIGGG-BAS, was dedicated to protected karst territories and education, training and promotion of karst a natural phenomenon of wide spread and very high, but still underrated educational potential. It can be effectively realized through integration of the modern educational strategy of Life-long education with the latest scientific advances in Karstology and Speleology. That ensures continued public interest, particularly among young people, who will be responsible for the future sustainable development of karst areas.

The ProKARSTerra`2015 forum was held under the motto Protected Karst Territories Lifelong Learning, included several International events:

This forum ProKARSTerra`2015 held promoted the efforts to understand better karst environments in Bulgaria which are slightly known by the World community. Bulgarian karst occupies wide territory of this country (1/4th of its land) and is unique in its diversity. This makes it and ideal natural laboratory for research and training. We hope it will soon be much more attractive, including for young people.

The Organizing Committee thanked all participants in the events of the forum ProKARSTerra`2015, as well as partners and sponsors. It was very emotional and positive experience for both participants and organizers.

Up to new meetings in Bulgaria in 2019 at the next scientific and practical karst forum.