Karst and integration between science and education:
- Modern scientific concepts in Karstology place, role and importance for education and training. Integration between the scientific concept about karst geosystems and the educational concept of Lifelong Learning status, problems and perspectives.
Place and role of protected karst territories (PKT) in education and training:
- Cognitive and academic-educational importance of PKT. Educational resources of PKT. Inter-institutional coordination. International cooperation the network of PKT: contemporary challenges and innovations.
Didactic and pedagogical significance of karst in school education:
- Karst themes in the methodologies of teaching different subjects. Interactive teaching about karst. The interdisciplinary role of karst. Development of systematic thinking through the concept of karst geosystems.
Karst in the legal framework of schooling:
- Educational strategies, concepts and curricula. Karst in textbooks and school materials. Educational models about karst. Extracurricular form of teaching about karst. Educational projects about karst.
Karst in University education:
- Specialized courses, programs, practices, schools, specializations. Professional orientation and realization of young researchers in Karstology and forms of training and qualification.
Training about karst in system of speleological organizations (federations, associations, caving clubs):
- Traditions, state and problems. Forms of training. Good practices.
Training about karst in management and control of karst territories:
- Training in karst and karst geosystems as a part of the professional qualification of managerial and administrative authorities. Aims and forms of training. Best practices.
Application of Information and Communication technologies in education and training about karst:
- State and perspectives. Good practices. Dedicated Web-based networks and sites.
Karst and UNESCO:
- Karst sites of the World natural and cultural heritage. The role of UNESCO in education and training about karst.
Promotion of karst:
- Promotion of karst information accessibility and modern forms of mass media. Specialized publications. Contests, exhibitions, competitions.



International initiatives:
  • International Competition in Karstology (for pupils)
  • International Year of Karst