Participants in the Second International Competition
“Karst under protection – gift for the future generations”

The competition already had 107 participants from 10 countries: Armenia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Japan. They presented 104 works in total.

Total number of participants	  107
Total number of entries received  104
Entries by category:	
Drawings 	               76
Works with natural materials 	1
Poster	                        1
Multimedia presentations/Pupils 10
Multimedia presentation/University student  1
Video-clips	                3
Photo-compositions 	        7
My unusual lesson 	        3
Essay 	                    1
Special cases (Projects - a combination of several categories)	1
Total: 	104
Participants by countries:	
Armenia	       12
Bulgaria	6
Croatia	       17
Czech Republic	1
Estonia	        5
Kazakhstan 	31
Latvia	        4
Lithuània 	5
Russia	       13
Japan	       13
Total:	107	
We have seen a lot of preparation and genuine enthusiasm for the development of the competition works. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all participants. We remain with the hope they will keep their interest in karst and its secrets. And what could be better if after a time they become our colleagues in Karstology…
Peter Stefanov
Competition initiator and chief organizer


We express our sincere gratitude to the people who contributed to the organization of this competition for their hard work. We thank all contestants for their interesting works and the compelling emotion expressed in them. We sincerely hope that karst will continue to inspire them. We owe special thanks to all members of the International Jury for their responsibility and high professionalism evaluating the competition works.

The competition has been supported by UNESCO through an approved project within the 2012-2013 Program for participation, entitled „ProKARSTerra-Edu: Integration between the research concept of Karst Geosystems and the educational concept of Lifelong Learning (based on the example of model protected karst territories in Bulgaria)” (Nr. 6651406001BUL)