Tour for participants and guests of the Conference will be held from 21 to 24 September 2012. The program includes attractive sties of natural and cultural heritage of Northeastern and Central North Bulgaria, most of which are in karst areas

More important objects to see:

21 September: Rock Stone Forest (natural landmark since 1937) - the city of Varna (Archeological Museum with the oldest gold treasure in the World) - “Golden Sands” resort with the rock Aladzha Monastery - the town of Balchick with its architectural park complex “The Palace”- marine karst: Kaliakra cape and the Kaliakra archeological reserve - Yailata archeological reserve - sea caves, sea lakes (firth lakes) of Shabla and Durankulak, with karst water supply.

22 September: Paleokarst with the largest kaolin deposits - the Sveshtary Thracian tomb (UNESCO cultural heritage) - “Rousse Lom” nature reserve with the “Orlova chukka” cave - Ivanovo rock churches (UNESCO cultural heritage) - the historical town of Veliko Tarnovo (evening atudio-visual program “Tsarevgrad Tarnovo – Sound and Light).

23 September: Devetaki karst plateau: Golyama Garvanitsa cave – Krushuna travertine cascade – Devetashka cave, town of Lovetch (architectural and historical reserve of Varosha and the covered bridge).

24 September: Glojenski Monastery – Brestnitza karst area – Saeva dupka tourist cave – karst spring of Glava Panega (Vaucluse type) – Prohodna cave – Iskar Gorge with the Cherepish monastery and karst rock formations.

For the excursion a special Guidebook will be prepared and handed to every participant at the Registration desk. The excursion cost (including transportation cost, lodging, food, tourist taxes) and other details will be published on the Conference Web site in the next updates.

Excursion registration deadline will be 18 September 2012. Each registered participant will receive additional materials (guide) about the sites to be visited.