Specialized educational strategy ProKARSTerra-Edu is an initiative of the Experimental Laboratory of Karstology NIGGG BAS. It is being developed by 2010 (within the international project of Fund "Research" ProKARSTerra) in cooperation with Japan and the Czech Republic, and since 2012 is supported by UNESCO through two successive projects Participation Programme (2012- 2013 and 2014-2015). The strategy is based on the integration between research concept karst geosystems and educational concept "Lifelong Learning" (the example of model protected karst areas). Favorable basis for its implementation is the prevalence of extremely varied karst in Bulgaria and the network of protected karst areas and developed model karst geosystems of NIGGG BAS. The Travelling summer school for karst as a promising form of field training is included in the program of the International scientific-practical forum "Protected karst areas - education and training" (Bulgaria, 2015).