1. Karst in Bulgaria distribution and specifics
  2. Methodology of karst study. Modern scientific concepts and models about karst genesis.
  3. Morphology of karst karst forms and complexes.
  4. Hydrology and Hydro-Geology of karst.
  5. Soil cover as a factor and product of karst genesis.
  6. Karst and biodiversity.
  7. Typology and regionalization of karst.
  8. Karst geosystems nature, structure, functional relationships, typology.
  9. Monitoring systems about karst. Models of Integrated monitoring of karst geosystems.
  10. The role of karst in the development of human civilization. Cultural and historical monuments in Karst territories.
  11. Karst protection legislation, state and problems. Protected karst territories. Best practices.
  12. Education and karst forms, best practices, initiatives.
  13. International cooperation in Karstology and Speleology.

Lectures on these topics will be distributed and combined according to the features of the visited sites on the route. There will be indoor presentations and terrain discourses with research demonstrations and experiments.