The accommodation base for both participants and guests of this competition will be in the town of Teteven. For this purpose, suitable hotels and student hostels will be provided at preferential rates (please expect additional information)

The town of Teteven is 82 km northeast of Sofia. It has a population of 54 inhabitants (2017) and it is the center of a municipality with 13 settlements in the Lovech region. The town is situated in the altitude belt of 400 to 500 m above the sea level and is built on both banks of the Beli Vit river in a very picturesque area with rock cliffs, caves and waterfalls. The settlement dates back to the 15th century as a hunting ground, and in the 18th and 19th centuries it is an important artisan and educational center.

The location of Teteven between Vassilyovska Mt. (1490 m above sea level) and Leliska (1355 m above sea level) in Stara Planina's Fore Balkan makes it an attractive tourist center and a popular mountain resort. The city and its surroundings are rich in natural and cultural-historical sights. The karst relief is dominated by over 124 caves.

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