The International Competition "Karst - the Last “White Spot” on the Planet Earth” is organized by the Experimental Laboratory of Karstology at the National Institute of Geophysics, Geodesy and Geography - BAS. The first competition will be held in partnership with the Teteven municipality and Yablanitsa, with the support of the International scientific network ProKARSTerra and the Ministry of Education and Science (Bulgaria). The competition remains open to new partners and sponsors. For contacts and suggestions, please use the specified contact addresses.

The competition is under the auspices of UNESCO (through a project of the Experimental Laboratory of Karstology, approved by the NIRGG-BAS) under the Participation Program 2018-2019. It is included in the ProKARSTerra`2019 International Scientific/Practical Forum Program.


We sincerely thank everyone involved in organizing the Competition, as well as our partners and sponsors for their support. We also thank in advance those who will contribute to its successful conduct.

We also thank you all who are interested in the Competition and have the courage to join us as participants. Let us, with common effort and inspiration, turn this challenge into a popular and preferred form of innovative education for/through karst.