The fourth edition of the International Competition "Karst under Protection Gift for the future generations" was completed. We received 204 contest works by 255 authors from 14 countries. Their evaluation by the International Jury is pending. The final ranking will be known after June 30, 2019.
The laureates in the competition categories will be invited as special guests at the First international student competition "Karst - the last white spots on the planet Earth (4-9 August 2019, Teteven). Their daily costs will be covered by the prize pool of the competition.
24 May 2019

Due to the increasing interest in this competition and the short time for the formation of teams, the deadline for pre-application is extended until 31 May 2019. The Application form should be completed and sent until this date to the contact addresses.
The registration deadline for participants remains unchanged - 21 June 2019. Registration will be done by filling in a registration form, which will be sent only to participants who have submitted a pre-application. Registration fee will not be paid. All organizational costs will be paid by the organizers, incl. transport from Sofia to Teteven and back, as well as expenses during the competition.
Participants will pay only for accommodation and meals. Payments will be made on the spot.
It is possible to use the student boarding house of the National Professional High School of Forestry and Woodworking "Sava Mladenov" in Teteven. Participants can also stay in hotels in Teteven. For more information, please see Accommodation. Please do not wait for the latest deadlines for application and registrations.
10 May 2019