The fourth edition of the competition is included in the program of the international scientific-practical forum Protected Karst Areas - Legislation, Tourism, Monitoring "(ProKARSTerra`2019) and was held under its motto: "Protected Karst Areas - Islands of Sustainable Development". Three anniversaries were marked with which the competition is closely connected:

10 years ProKARSTerra 90 years organized cave movement in Bulgaria 150 years BAS


The competition contains 17 sections, divided into the already approved five categories for participation. Two of the thematic sections are new - Computer Game and Comics.

1. For pupils 2. For teachers 3. For students 4. For nature lovers (no age restrictions)
1.1. Up to 12 years 1.2. Over 12 years
Drawing Drawing My unusual lesson Scientific essay Photo composition (from 3 to 5 photos)
Work with natural materials Work with natural materials Our pupil project Multimedia presentation Movie
Multimedia presentation Multimedia presentation Video clip Drawing / Painting
Video clip Video clip Computer game Cartoon / Comic / Grotesque
Computer game Drawing / Painting
Essay Cartoon / Comic / Grotesque
Poster / Postcard Art installation


The fourth edition of the competition was attended by 257 authors from 14 countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Montenegro, South Korea and Japan..

List of participants

RECEIVED COMPETITION WORKS: 205 from 257 authors

Distribution by countries
Countries Received works (number) Participants (number)
Azerbaijan 5 10
Armenia 1 4
Belarus 5 5
Bulgaria 120 137
Germany 1 2
Indonesia 2 2
Iran 1 1
Italy 2 2
Lithuania 13 12
Poland 6 6
Russia 9 13
Montenegro 15 16
Japan 17 17
South Korea 8 30
Total 205 257

Distribution of the works approved for ranking by competition headings


Of all the submitted works, 195, eligible for participation in the competition, were admitted for evaluation. Outside the regulation, three original works by children from kindergartens in Montenegro and Bulgaria are included.


Karstologists, artists and teachers, united by the idea of popularizing karst and its more active involvement in education, are again involved as members of the jury.

Member of the jury Profession Place of work Country
Prof. Dr. Wiaczesław Andrejczuk – chairman Geographer, karstologist University of Warsaw Poland
Prof. Dr. Yoshihisa Nakano Painter Yamaguchi University Japan
Dr. Dorota Okon Geographer Zespół parków krajobrazowych Województwa Śląskiego, Będzin Poland
Stefan Sommer Teacher Lear-Gymnasium, Niedersachsen Germany
Assoc. prof. Dilyana Stefanova, PhD Geographer NIGGG-BAS Bulgaria
Assoc. prof. Zornitsa Cholakova, PhD Geographer GGF, Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”, Sofia Bulgaria
Prof. Dimitrina Mihova, PhD Geographer Yamaguchi University - retired Bulgaria – Japan
Assoc. prof. Tsvetan Ostromski, PhD Mathematican, speleologist IICT-BAS Bulgaria
Krasto Terziev Painter TerART advertising and publishing house Bulgaria


  1. Originality of the idea realized in the respective entry
  2. Knowledge about karst
  3. Artistic values
  4. Emotional suggestions
  5. Technical skills
  6. Creative autonomy


After summarizing the evaluations of each member of the jury (according to the pre-set 6 criteria of the competition), a total of 37 prizes were determined (9 first, 12 second and 16 third), divided into 12 competition categories. The prizes are distributed among participants from 11 countries. In addition, 3 special prizes were awarded for works by children from kindergartens (in Montenegro and Bulgaria) who participated outside the regulation. In the fourth edition of the competition, for the first time, the jury did not broadcast a work worthy of the Grand Prize for original creative achievement.


Countries 1-st prize 2-nd prize 3-th prize Total Special prize
Bulgaria 5 6 9 20 1
Armenia -- -- 1 1 --
Belarus -- -- 1 1 --
Germany -- 1 -- 1 --
Indonesia -- -- 1 1 --
Italy -- 1 -- 1 --
Lithuania -- -- 1 1 --
Poland 1 -- -- 1 --
Russia 1 -- 1 2 --
Montenegro 2 -- 1 3 2
South Korea -- 4 1 5 --
Total 9 12 16 37 3

List of works ranked first and their authors

Pupils up to 12 years

"Passable" ("God's Eyes") by Luka Rubanovic, Varna, CSU "Dreamers"

"Mines" íà Dorota Kacprzak – Ïîëøà, Warszawa, Prywatna szkola podstawowa "Im. Astrid Lindgren"

Pupils over 12 years

- "Born of Karst" íà Marija Đurović – ×åðíà ãîðà, Pljevlja, Gimnazija ''Tanasije Pejatović'';
- Broken Stones - "Timelessness" by Anet Koleva and Mira Dimitrova - Bulgaria, Varna, PS "St. St. Cyril and Methodius"

"Karst under protection - a gift for generations" by Victoria Burova, Stara Zagora, Second Primary School "Petko Rachov Slaveykov"

VIDEO CLIP "Fascinating world of karst caves" by Anna Tkacheva - Russia, Zelenogorsk MBOU "Gymnasium ¹ 164"

"A Stone Should be Protected by Love" íà Jovana Damjanovic – ×åðíà ãîðà, Podgorica, PS “Dr. Dragisa Ivanovic”

- "Caves in Bulgaria - a journey for explorers" by Iveta Kostadinova and Natalia Gacheva, Varna, Varna Trade High School;
- "Kolkina Dupka" by Dzhenika Yancheva, Varna, St. St. Cyril and Methodius Primary School

The winners of the first prize in the competition received official invitations to participate as special guests in the First International Student Competition Karst - the last "white spot" on the planet Earth (4-9 August 2019, Teteven) under the auspices of UNESCO. (photos)

List of the awarded participants in the fourth edition of the competition

Presentation of the awarded works (2019)

The official ceremony for announcing and awarding the winners of the competition is included in the solemn session of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Protected Karst Areas - Legislation, Tourism, Monitoring", which took place on September 29, 2019 in the hall "Prof. Marin Drinov ”in the Central Building of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia. After the ceremony, an exhibition specially organized at the National Museum of Natural History was opened with awarded works from the competition. (photos)

The prizes for the third edition of the competition are provided by UNESCO and the Ministry of Education and Science. The tradition from 2015 has been observed and for the first place participants original sculptures have been made from rock samples. They are provided by the Experimental Laboratory of Karstology of NIGGG-BAS and by the quarries of Zlatna Panega Cement AD. The author of the sculptures is Milko Dyulgerov, Master of Metalworking and Jewelry at the National Academy of Arts. All winners in the fourth edition of the competition received original diplomas.

In media

An analysis of the results of the fourth edition of the competition is published in the article Fourth International competition "Karst under protection - a gift for future generations" 2019 (results and conclusions). The possibility of including the fifth edition of the competition in the program of the International Year of Caves and Karst, (IYCK`2021) is being discussed. The original idea (International Year of Karst) was launched by the Experimental Laboratory of Karstology of NIGGG-BAS in 2013 (publications) and was subsequently developed by the International Speleological Union (UIS).

Contributors to the prize fund 2019