There are no age restrictions. Students can participate individually or in teams (schools, circles, projects, etc.).

Each participant can send unlimited number of entries. Participants choose their works’ materials, technique (painting, graphics, collage) and size. Photographs should be on photo paper in a format chosen by the author in a form ready for exposure at exhibitions. Digital works can be sent by E-mail or by regular mail saved on the respective information media.

Any work submitted for the contest should be accompanied by the following information:

Information can be presented in Bulgarian, Russian or English.
Only original author's works will be admitted, which have not participated in other competitions.

Important: The competition works will not be returned. Please note that by participating in this contest you grant your copyright over your work to the organizers and you state your agreement that your work(s) will be used for promotion of protected karst areas through publications, exhibitions, websites, advertising materials, etc.

The competition entries must be received before this deadline by mail, by Courier or by e-mail at the following addresses:

Postal address:                                                                   
1113 Sofia 
“Akad. Georgy Bonchev” street, Bl. 3 
For the Karst competition