The Third edition of the Competition was held in 2015 and is included in the framework of the International Scientific-practical forum Protected Karst Territories Education and Training'2015. The Competition was held under the auspices of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and UNESCO (through an approved project under the Participation Program 2014-2015).

In the resolution of the scientific conference, which finalized the forum, the competition and its results were evaluated very high and supported the Bulgarian initiative to announce an INTERNATIONAL YEAR of KARST. More widespread promotion of the contest and its mission was recommended.

(Nr. 7290115062 BUL)


1. For pupils:	
1.1. Up to 12 years old:
 Drawing or Work with natural materials

1.2. Over 12 years old:
 Drawing / Work with natural materials
 Poster / Card 
 Multimedia presentation / Video

2. For teachers:
 My unusual lesson
 Our students project
3. For University students:
 Scientific essay / Multimedia presentation
 Picture / Painting
 Cartoon (Caricature)
 Art Installation

4. For nature lovers, photographers (no age limit):
 Photo Composition (3 to 5 photos) 
 Picture / Painting
 Cartoon (Caricature)


The third edition of the competition in 2015 already had 161 participants from 7 countries: Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Russian Federation (including Bashkortostan, Russia, Tatarstan, Yakutia/Saha), Montenegro, Czech Republic and Japan.

Received competitive works: 142

Distribution by competition categories:



International Jury (2015)
  1. Professor Yoshihisa NAKANO, PhD Chairman (Artist, Yamaguchi University, Japan)
  2. RNDr. Petr ZAJICHEK (Geologist, Speleologist and Photographer, Cave Administration of the Czech Republic)
  3. RNDr. Hynek SKOŘEPA (Geographer, Teacher, Ústí nad Orlicí, Czech Republic)
  4. Barbara MASTAJ (Zespół Parków Krajobrazowych Województwa Śląskiego, Poland)
  5. Anna GAŁUSZKA (Zespół Parków Krajobrazowych Województwa Śląskiego, Poland)
  6. Associate professor Dilyana STEFANOVA, PhD (Geographer, NIGGG-BAS, Bulgaria)
  7. Associate professor Todorka KRUSSTEVA, PhD (Geographer, University of Shumen, Bulgaria)
  8. Krussto TERZIEV (Artist, Sofia, Bulg?ria),
  9. Khristo KICHIKOV (Geographer, Teacher, Gabrovo, Bulgaria)


1. Originality of the idea realized in the respective entry
2. Knowledge about karst
3. Artistic values
4. Emotional suggestions
5. Technical skills 
6. Creative autonomy


In the Third edition of the Competition, 43 prizes were awarded: 1 Grand prize (for original creative achievement), 9 First prizes (in 6 categories), 16 Second prizes (in 10 categories) and 17 Thirds prizes (in 9 categories). Other 24 participants received incentive awards (in 11 categories).

Country Grand prize First prize Second prize Thirds prize Encouragement Total
Bulgaria   1 5 10 10 26
Germany   1 - - - 1
Latvia   1 - - 1 2
Russian Federation   4 6 2 10 22
Bashkortostan   - - - 1 1
Russia   1 1 - 4 6
Tatarstan   2 5 1 5 13
Yakutia / Saha   5 1 5 13
Montenegro 1 1 1 - - 3
Czech Republic   1 4 4 2 11
Japan   - - 1 1 2
Total 1 9 16 17 24 67

For Grand prize for creative achievement the International Jury nominated six competition works by 3 different categories (with authors from Montenegro, Tatarstan - Russian Federation, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Latvia). After processing the results, convincingly headed out the mural Embossed pattern Karst of Durmitor (Category Work with natural materials) developed by Dajana Motika-Raonić (17 Age) Anja Pješivac (17 Age) from SMŠ ,,17. September (Žabljak, Montenegro).

First prizes were given to:

All winners of the Third edition of the Competition were invited to participate in a Traveling summer school of karst in Bulgaria (22-31 July 2015) (photos)
The Organizers of the Competition honored with the special Honorary diploma the youngest participants - the children from the Pre-school organization "Our joy" in Herceg-Novi (Montenegro).


Presentation of award-winning works from the Competition (2015)

The official announcement of the results from the Third edition of the competition and the award of the laureates took place at the Ceremonial Session of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Protected Karst Areas - Training and Education". It took place on 23.09.2015 in the Grand Hall of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia. It was followed by the opening of an exhibition of awarded works from the competition, hosted in the halls of the National Museum of Natural History - Sofia. The exhibition was also attended by students of Prof. Yoshida Nakano from the University of Yamaguchi (Japan) with their original art installation "Phantom in karst III".

The prizes for the Third edition of the competition were provided by UNESCO (Participation in the Summer School of Karst in Bulgaria, 22-31 July 2015) and Titan Zlatna Panega Cement JSC. The awards were unique statuettes of metal and rock fragments (fossils and mineral formations from "Zlatna Panega"), wrought by the famous sculptor Petko Arnaudov and the young artist Yoto Dikov from the village of Zlatna Panega.

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Sponsors in prize money in 2015: