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Thematic educational trail in the PP “Shumen plateau”

The name of the competition was chosen for the first thematic educational trail in Karst Nature Park of Shumen Plateau. It was built along a project “Natural park of Shumen Plateau”, funded by the EU Cohesion Fund and the state budget of Republic of Bulgaria, through the Operational Program “Environment 2007-2013”.

The Shumen plateau is a model karst region of the long-term research program to study the karst genesis in Bulgaria, developed by the NIGGG BAS. As a result of the effective cooperation, the Shumen Plateau Nature Park Directorate became a partner of the First Edition of this competition (2005).

Thematic trail “Karst under protection – gift for the future generation” in PP Shumen plateau

Along the thematic trails field work was carried out in the framework of a specialized educational seminar entitled “ProKARSTerra-Edu-Lifelong learning” (2-3 November, 2013, Shumen). It was funded by UNESCO along a Participation Program 2012-2013.

Representative event “Karst under protection – gift for the future generations” with students from the city of Vratsa

In 2011 a Club “GEO” was formed at the “Yoan Exarkh” Language High School which is a part of the SUCCESS project. Ms Tzvetelina Tsenova-Kostadinova, senior teacher of Geography and Economics was the initiator and leader of this club. Initially “GEO” members were 11th grade students, interested in nature and hiking. Subsequently karst processes and forms became central and this topic quickly fascinated many other students. In 2015 “GEO” accepted its youngest member – a 5th grader. Despite that the participants come from different classes and of different ages, they are all united by their love of nature and travel and interest to karst continues to kindle their curiosity and desire to discovery…

Over the years “GEO” held representative performances, such as exhibitions about karst in their homeland, as well as educational presentations dedicated to karst processes and forms. One of these presentations was held at the Sofia Forum ProKARSTerra 2014 (2 June 2014) in the framework of the Jubilee program “BAS 145 years”.

“GEO” club is preparing a performance under the title “Karst under protection – gift for the future generations” in the second half of March 2015. It will take place at the EG “Johan Exarkh” school in Vratsa. There will be a lot of surprises and the audience and guests will learn in a nice way why economic activities son karst terrains should be carefully selected and monitored.